Doublex Classic
Lock for sliding doors and windows


"The unbeatable"

A double lock mounted on each sliding panel as a first lock as well as a second additional lock. Its thickness is 10,5mm.

Provides maximum mechanical safety because its latch and the lock part are both installed with four screws, then locked tight together with two iron bolts.

The lock meets the recommendations of all the insurance companies and the security authorities.

Placed easily at any height and for example it can be used to stop small children going to the balcony or backyard alone.

The main advantage is that you can see from afar whether the lock is fastened or not, so you don’t forget the doors unlocked when leaving your residence, or even when staying in.

Doublex Classic has passed the "Hurricane" test in USA 2002 with unbeatable success and has been the strongest lock since.

Available in white, black, brown and silver colour.


Here are photos of attempted burglary on double sliding window entrance

1. The window was protected by Doublex Classic security lock.

2), 3) As shown by the excessive wear of the window (from the outside) the burglar used crowbar hard.

4) The Doublex Classic lock was forced hard but it did not give up.

NOTE: The above lock is the old model Doublex Classic for sliding doors. The NEW Model Doublex Classic 01A has twice the resistance to this.

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