Lock for hinged doors and windows

Doublex-S is a new product previously missing from the market. Double bolt lock for hinged doors, windows, single or double-side, opening inside or outside (window shades, shutters). Installed with 5 screws to the door frame and 5 screws to the framework and locked by two bolts from up and down. It can be fitted to aluminium, iron, wood or PVC.

Can also be used to every door inside the house to give extra security in these times we’re living in.

Available in white, black, brown and silver colour.



Here are photos of attempted burglary on double door protected by Doublex-S home security locks

1. Aluminum double door with Doublex-S locks after three hours of breaking in attempt.

2. A small hole made first on the glass to open the main lock mechanism by the original handle of the door.

3. As the door still didn't give up the burglary continued with a crowbar in search of resistance points in the door frames.

4.5.6. The neighbours heard noise for three hours but the CAL Doublex-S home security locks did not let the burglars inside the house. The insurance companies highly recommend the CAL security products when making theft insurance.
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